UnTelco in Smart Cities: Telco Opportunities and Market Activities

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Publish Date: 10 Sep 2018
Code: AN-4975
Research Type: Research Report
UnTelco in Smart Cities: Telco Opportunities and Market Activities

In this report, ABI Research analyses the UnTelco opportunity in the smart cities market. ABI Research coined the concept “UnTelco” to define those activities, strategies, and opportunities that Mobile Service Providers (MSPs) should pursue beyond their traditional offerings to foster their revenue growth. As revenue from the mobile consumer market continues to decline, telco vendors and operators are looking at other verticals for new UnTelco growth opportunities.

The smart cities market is unique as it includes players from both the industry and the public space and is built on multiple subverticals, applications, and technologies. The uniqueness of the market creates multiple opportunities for MSPs to deliver connectivity but also to move up the value chain providing services such as analytics and system integration. In this report, ABI Research explores the key trends and technologies defining the market as well as telco and UnTelco initiatives, strategies, and opportunities that MSPs use in this highly potential and multifaceted market. It also provides the smart cities UnTelco market forecast as well as recommendations for MSPs to become leading players in this market. The report discusses the activities and strategies of leading MSPs and network vendors such as Verizon, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, KT Corporation, Huawei, and Cisco. Topics discussed in the report include, the role and opportunity for 5G, companies and dynamics in the smart city platform layer, challenges and innovation related with business models, MSPs’ smart city strategies and their integration with the wider company’s strategy and priorities, solutions and roles for MSPs in the smart city market, and technology impacting the market such as 5G, LPWAN, big data analytics, autonomous vehicles, and blockchain.