Augmented Reality in 1H 2018: Remote Expertise, the Augmented Reality Cloud, and Real Mobile Capability

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By Eric Abbruzzese | 3Q 2018 | IN-5193


Unpredictably Predictable


The Augmented Reality (AR) market has proven to be both fast moving and somewhat predictable. The rate of new announcements is staggering, but at the same time, there hasn’t been anything resembling a revelation in quite a while. In the enterprise sector, where the large majority of AR activity still resides, remote expertise dominates as a use case. Other use cases stem from similar functionality, such as training, but the core conversations in AR are driven by Return on Investment (ROI), and so far, remote expertise is the biggest ROI driver in AR. For consumers, mobile devices dominate the field, with both Google and Apple investing continually in their AR mobile Software Development Kits (SDKs). Without the pull of ROI for businesses, consumers are left in an odd place, waiting for compelling content to hit their devices, while content creators are waiting to develop content for a wider market. It is very similar to what is being seen in the Virtual Reality (VR) market, with content creators hesitant to develop for a niche device, and buyer’s hesitant to buy …

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