802.11ax Wi-Fi Products Arrive to Change the Future Wi-Fi Landscape

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3Q 2018 | IN-5192


ASUS Announces 802.11ax Wi-Fi Devices


Taiwanese hardware maker ASUS announced a line of routers supporting next-generation Wi-Fi 802.11ax in June 2018. The announcement followed the RT-AX88U model revealed earlier this year at CES. One of the new models includes GT-AX11000, which uses a single 2.4 GHz band and two 5 GHz bands supporting up to 4804 Mbps Wi-Fi speed. The other two models are AX6100 supporting data transfer speeds up to 6100 Mbps and RT-AX88U supporting 6000 Mbps. The AX6100 model supports a mesh networking system to expand coverage when used in larger homes. As one of the primary gaming router makers, ASUS’ new routers are designed to handle an increasing number of devices and high-speed applications in the home network. Since 802.11ax standardization is expected to complete in 2019, the announced devices use pre-standard chipsets and the detail of pricing and date of availability in the market has not been announced yet.

802.11ax Features and Benefits


A few years ago, 802.11ac, which can deliver Wi-Fi spe…

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