The Relevance of Blockchain for Smart Cities

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By Dominique Bonte | 3Q 2018 | IN-5185


Smart Cities Use Cases for Blockchain 


The immutable nature of distributed ledgers gives them a natural fit with government requirements, especially as it relates to local governance in smart cities contexts in which transparency, efficiency, and cost control of public service delivery are critical. Opportunities to apply blockchain to urban use cases are now being discovered and explored by advanced cities like Dubai. Example application areas include:

  • Digital Voting: Both for traditional elections (higher voter turnout and real-time counting) and ad hoc referenda and overall citizen engagement in public affairs (real-time representation)
  • Real Estate: Transaction tracking and electronic transfer of ownership
  • Transportation: Blockchain airspace for personal airborne mobility (Vimana), cooperative mobility, driverless vehicle sharing, micro-payments for wireless Electric Vehicle (EV) charging, tolling and road user charging, and smart contracts for logistics
  • Energy: Renewable energy and microgrids, peer-to-peer investments and exchange
  • Water Management
  • Crypto…

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