A Closer Look at Cloud Robotics – The Distant Future of Robotics

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By Lian Jye Su | 3Q 2018 | IN-5178


Existing Cloud Infrastructure Is Limited


As early as 1994, when the Internet was still in the nascent state, there were examples of industrial robots connected to the Internet, mainly for rudimentary remote operation without proper cybersecurity measures. Since then, the advancement in cloud computing has brought huge enhancements to the robotics industry. Instead of relying completely on the computing capabilities of local servers or machines, robots can leverage a network of remote computing, storage, and data resources to achieve performance gains and efficiency that would not be possible otherwise. Robots can be manipulated by a centralized control center, learn from different application scenarios, and adjust according to demands in near real time. The reality on the ground, however, is murky. The term has been thrown around in a generic manner, as the industry at large is trying to identify the ideal implementation approach and architecture framework.

It is, therefore, not surprising that cloud robotics is brought up frequently by cloud or connectivity vendors, but less so by companies like…

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