SecureDevOps to Minimize Shadow IT Risks

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3Q 2018 | IN-5173


A Maturing Enterprise Mindset


Development Operations (DevOps) has emerged as one of the driving dynamics in digital transformation. The adoption of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) for software release processes is at the core of DevOps adoption, which is essentially the collaboration between developers and Information Technology (IT) operations. The recent US$7.5 billion Microsoft acquisition of the open source platform GitHub is a testament to the importance of DevOps tools to enterprises. Over 27 million developers make use of the platform, as well as others, to build and contribute to 80+ million projects. Numerous enterprises are leveraging the platform to deliver new business value in the light of their digital transformation. DevOps tools like GitHub not only strive to facilitate and streamline software development, but they embrace automation to drive applications into production faster and aim to better manage them post-market. However, the notion of Dev...

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