The Boston Robotics Summit: The U.S. Robotics Community Showcases Breakthroughs in Mobility, Increased Optimism, and the Underlying Strength of the Industry

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2Q 2018 | IN-5152


Agility Robotics and Boston Dynamics Show Their Wares


ABI Research was present at the inaugural Robotics Summit and Showcase in Boston. The aim of this foresight is to take in the trends highlighted in the summit, and evaluate where this leaves the wider commercial robotics industry.

The greater Boston area is a key hotspot for American technological innovation and for robotics in particular. Alongside companies dedicated to specific verticals, Boston Dynamics (of SoftBank Holdings) and Agility Robotics represent two attempts to expand the scope of robotic mobility and sophistication.

Agility Robotics is focusing on the significant challenge of acquiring effective bipedal motion for robots. The applications for bipedal walkers over other mobility technologies are varied; for example, they can be used for mobile telepresence or patrolling hard-to-reach areas. While Boston Dynamics has been effective in creating quadruped robots, more legs tend to require more actuators, greater expense, and significant technical complexity. Wheeled Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots …

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