Does Facebook’s Terragraph Compete with 5G?

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By Dimitris Mavrakis | 3Q 2018 | IN-5146


Facebook and Qualcomm Announce Partnership for Terragraph


In May 2018, Facebook and Qualcomm announced a partnership where the two companies will collaborate in proceeding with Terragraph trials using Qualcomm’s 802.11 ay prestandard technology. Terragraph was presented during Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference in 2016 and proposes to use 60 GHz to provide gigabit connectivity to underserved urban areas. Facebook has published impressive antenna and infrastructure concepts built on the Wireless Gigabit (WiGig) standard. They aim to couple off-the-shelf hardware with Facebook’s formidable software skills to create a flexible and cost-effective urban connectivity network. The deployment model depends on the availability of metro-area fiber; Terragraph nodes are deployed in urban street furniture or buildings to provide seamless connectivity across an urban area. Facebook is running a trial in the San Jose area (which started late in 2016) but has not yet announced any further information about the success or challenges faced in this trial.

Qualcomm’s involvement in the Terra…

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