Strategic Guidance for Smart Manufacturing: Artificial Intelligence Apps

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2Q 2018 | IN-5141


Oracle Announces New AI Cloud Apps for Manufacturing


The Oracle Cloud Platform now offers the new Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications for Manufacturing, which include:

  • Pattern and correlation analysis: Matches data from the plant floor such as employees; equipment; processes; supply, and management of business outcomes, such cost, cycle time, quality, scrap, rework, yield, and returns, finding correlations and causes.
  • Genealogy and traceability analysis: When a manufacturer needs to recall a product, this solution helps find the products, services, and customers specifically affected to limit the impact.
  • Predictive analysis: Uses the correlation analysis to forecast future business outcomes and alerts users if any will likely drop to help prevent unplanned downtime.

AI Already on the Market


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to manufacturing from a variety of different types of vendors and applications, and Oracle has now entered the fray. AI provides a device or software program with the ability …

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