Automated Reasoning, the New Deep Learning? Could the Two Work Together?

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2Q 2018 | IN-5140


What Is Automated Reasoning?


Automated reasoning is based on logic, a branch of mathematics that goes back to the endeavors of Aristotle, which aims to understand and formalize human reasoning. Automated logical reasoning is the oldest and most intensively studied field in the research area of Artificial Intelligence (AI); further fields it is studied within are Knowledge Representation (KR), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) among others.

There are no strict barriers between these fields. KR and ML techniques are used in NLP. Automated reasoning is used in KR. ML algorithms are part of automated reasoning systems, and vice versa. The combination of all these increasingly powerful techniques is natural and is already happening. Several recent advances in understanding have greatly increased the power of automated reasoning tools. These advances were mostly leveraged to find bugs in device drivers. However, there are now several distinct efforts to introduce automated reasoning into a new range of use case areas. One of the foremost companies productizing automated reasoning is Cambri…

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