Will PSVR 2 Become the Tipping Point for Mass VR Adoption?

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By Eric Abbruzzese | 2Q 2018 | IN-5136


PSVR 2 to Be a Major Player in the Mass VR Market


When Sony released PlayStation 5 (PS5) in 2020, many wondered what its next Virtual Reality (VR) iteration would look like. Although the existence of PlayStation Virtual Reality 2 (PSVR 2) was confirmed in early 2021, CES 2022 gave eager consumers the official unveiling of the new headset that’s expected to release in early 2023. Haptic feedback, finger tracking, and the elimination of an excess of wires are among the most exciting features of PSVR2. Sony has an enormous and extremely loyal fan base but does the average consumer care about VR gaming? Even more, other players like Meta and Apple bring some other consumer options to the mass VR market.

The Alluring Features That Will Drive Mass VR Adoption  


One of the most compelling features of PSVR 2 will be the boosted OLED display resolution (2,000 X 2,400). This will provide immersion levels impossible with the 960 X 1080 resolution provided by PSVR. With the crystal clear resolution, PSVR2 users will see an unprecedented level of graphical…

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