The Impact of the T-Mobile/Sprint Merger on the M2M Market

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2Q 2018 | IN-5133


Mergers and Acquisitions 


On April 29, 2018, T-Mobile announced plans to acquire Sprint, thereby combining the third and fourth largest mobile network operators in the United States. The acquisition is not yet approved, and it is still unclear whether the deal will be blessed by the FCC and the U.S. Department of Justice. A lot of the focus thus far has been on the total number of subscribers and the impact a merger would have on the competitive environment, with T-Mobile CEO John Legere stating that the proposed merger would lower prices, increase competition, and create a nationwide 5G network. While T-Mobile and Sprint’s combined overall mobile subscribers still falls short of both Verizon and AT&T’s subscribers, the merger would also effectively combine T-Mobile and Sprint’s total M2M connections making them far more competitive in the U.S. M2M market. 

Running Out of Human Subscribers 


M2M applications have generated a significant amount of additional revenue for cellular operators. Wh…

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