The 2018 NAB Show and Contemplations on the Future of Video

2Q 2018 | IN-5131
As with most shows such as NAB’s (National Association of Broadcasters), attendees have the opportunity to get a pulse on the industry today and to observe where individuals and companies believe the industry is moving to in the coming years. In this regard NAB 2018 didn’t disappoint. Thematically, the show doesn’t always overtly “advertise” what’s hot and new as happens at other shows, such as CES. The foundational pieces typically take precedence, and transitions like UHD/HDR/4K (or migration to IP, virtualization, growth of over the top [OTT], dynamic ad insertion, etc.) often serve as the main highlights. The rise of new services (particularly live OTT), however, did place strong interest around low latency (along with packaging and compression).

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