Snap Inc.’s Increasingly Interesting Role in Augmented Reality

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By Eric Abbruzzese | 2Q 2018 | IN-5128


The Value of Updating a Failed Product


Around the time of its rebrand from Snapchat to Snap, Inc., the company released a pair of sunglasses with a camera installed. Tying directly into the Snapchat platform, Snap hoped to add hardware to its overall offering and entice buyers with direct platform integration. After a short time as a fashion fad, Snap Spectacles failed, with hundreds of thousands of unshipped products left over. Now, Snap is releasing an updated Spectacles with more simplified capture and share, as well as waterproofing. On the surface, it seems foolish to release a slightly improved version of a failed product; however, the idea of a cheap pair of glasses with a camera is sound, and Snap’s vision is wider than just glasses or even its current platform.

More than Glasses


From the beginning, Snap Spectacles was not meant to propel Snapchat to market share leader; at the least, it was a marketing tool for the platform. It succeeded at this, but moreover, Spectacles highlighted a potential path for Snap to …

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