Key eSIM Theme Focuses on Connectivity and Security Convergence in 2018

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By Phil Sealy | 2Q 2018 | IN-5115


The Consumer eSIM Market Is Evolving at a Rapid Pace


The consumer eSIM market remains in a nascent phase, but one that is rapidly evolving in terms of device support and component development. The year 2017 proved extremely important for the consumer eSIM market, thanks to the launch of the Google Pixel 2, alongside the Apple LTE-enabled smartwatch. Despite this, the market is still awaiting its tipping point. Meanwhile, those active in the development of the required eSIM hardware have been innovating through technology convergence in a bid to differentiate prior to tipping point realization.

The impending rise of eSIM within the consumer market is driving another level of innovation in a bid to differentiate products and services, which was evident at MWC 2018, where, most notably, NXP launched an eSIM product family. In its first foray into the SIM market, NXP launched a standalone eSIM solution and another eSIM with combined NFC connectivity and secure element functionality. The firm draws on its strengths within the NFC market to provide a convergence solution from which connectivity and sec…

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