Education and Healthcare Strategies for Smart Cities

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Publish Date: 12 Jun 2018
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Education and Healthcare Strategies for Smart Cities

While most of the activity around smart cities remains focused on infrastructure-based initiatives such as smart grids and metering, smart street lights, smart waste management and smart bins, smart parking, smart kiosks, and smart utilities, cities also need to address the softer aspects of livability linked to healthcare and education.  Advanced smart cities are leading the transition from legacy smart cities practices to next-generation healthcare and educational reforms, leveraging smart home and mobile technologies to promote eLearning and eHealth. The provisioning of remote, online services is transforming both the healthcare and education industries. The centralized “brick and mortar” approach of providing standardized education and healthcare at physical locations and at discrete times is giving way to virtualization characterized by real-time, adaptive, continuous, flexible and intelligent monitoring, and guidance.

This report covers main trends, technologies, benefits, case studies and use cases, and key forecasts for smart education and smart healthcare in cities. In particular, the role of AI, blockchain, connectivity, sensors, remote monitoring platforms, course and learning management systems (CMS/LMS) in enabling new smart education and healthcare paradigms is highlighted.