For the Future of Augmented Reality, Look to the Developer Ecosystem

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By Eric Abbruzzese | 2Q 2018 | IN-5103


Supporting from the Ground Up


Most of the public-facing news and excitement surrounding Augmented Reality (AR), especially in the consumer market, is tied to hardware. In a nascent market like AR, it is important to look not only at this hardware but also at the tools available to create content for the hardware. Both Microsoft and Magic Leap—two heavy hitters in the AR space, one well-established in the market and one quietly gaining funding—have expanded their developer tools to support content creation on their platforms. This is in addition to Apple and Google directly supporting mobile AR with ARKit and ARCore on mobile devices, a driving form factor for the AR market as a whole. With iOS 11.3, Apple is improving ARKit further. Hardware and content will always be a symbiotic relationship, but this is especially true in AR where everyone is looking for a killer app, a revolutionary use case, and a culture-shifting technology addition.

Build It and They Will Come


In the Virtual Reality (VR) market, hardware bega…

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