1Q 2018 Virtual Reality News Update and Analysis

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By Michael Inouye | 2Q 2018 | IN-5091


Standalone VR, VIVE PRO Pricing, and More Price Cuts


An earlier published Executive Foresight introduced some of ABI Research’s early 2018 expectations for the VR market, and in the short time since that publication, new market developments have already rolled out. On the standalone VR front, Oculus officially unveiled the commercial version of its Oculus Go HMD at GDC (partnering with Xiaomi to release the rebadged device in China, called the Xiaomi Mi VR Standalone), priced at US$199 in the U.S. market. First-hand experiences have largely been positive and, despite being powered by an older Snapdragon 821 (HTC’s VIVE Focus, for example, is powered by a Snapdragon 835), the experience has been depicted as top tier among portable VR devices, likely due in part to the Go’s use of fixed foveated rendering and premium optics.

HTC had two major announcements: the eventual availability of its standalone HMD, the VIVE Focus, to international markets (outside of China), and pricing for its VIVE Pro tethered HMD. The VIVE Focus uses an AMOLED screen (Oculus Go uses fast-switching L…

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