Why Mobile Ticketing Needs to be More than A Virtualization Tool

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By Phil Sealy | 2Q 2018 | IN-5084


The Drive to Mobile Ticketing


Although mobile ticketing is not a new concept, it is an area that has been evolving in terms of market drivers. Once considered a form of ticketing to help reduce the associated issuance costs linked to traditional smart card systems, it is now transforming into a dynamic opportunity, leveraging mobile devices to move beyond a simple card virtualization tool. Outside of the cost-saving paradigm are a multitude of mobile ticketing driving forces, including:

  • The addition of further value to a journey via personalized journey experiences.
  • The ability to use different feature-rich devices in order to access new markets. Mobile presents a significant diversification opportunity.
  • A platform from which to expand the service provider to traveler relationship, beyond the confines of owned transportation infrastructure.
  • Use existing infrastructure to offer new innovative ticketing acceptance platforms.
  • The ability to extend reach beyond ticketing and segue into the wider IoT opportunity.
  • The creation of a platform that centralizes the provide…

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