The Checkout-Free Future of Retail May Have to Wait in Line

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1Q 2018 | IN-5079


A New Player Has Joined


Shoptalk 2018 highlighted a major development in the smart retail sector last week as AVA Retail revealed more details about its plans to eliminate the physical point of sale in a brick and mortar setting.The company has revealed how its SmoothShop and SmartTrack features will enable the replication of the much-hyped “just walk out” experience already offered by Amazon Go, a model envisaged by many to be the future of in-store retail.

The combined use of computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI) and sensors to automate the checkout process represents the next step in the evolution of checkout-free shopping, following mobile “scan and go technology,” which has already been tested and deployed by the likes of Walmart, Kroger, and Sainsbury’s.

AVA Retail is also joined by other tech firms (see AiFi, for example) which will soon be competing to help retailers address the primary complaint of their brick and mortar customers: tedious...

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