Wearable Devices in the Winter Olympics and Paralympics Help Bring Technology to the Forefront

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1Q 2018 | IN-5075


Wearable Devices See Use Within the Olympic Markets


With the number of use cases for wearable devices steadily on the rise, it is not surprising to see the technology entering various sporting activities—most recently, the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Wearables that were in use at these Games included those that improve athletes’ performance, provide heating during the opening ceremonies, offer a hands-free payment system, and aid partially sighted participants. The technology helped the athletes during training and participation in the Olympics, and its use in the Games raised awareness about the benefits and use cases for wearable devices.

How Wearables are Aiding Winter Olympians and Paralympians


Some of the major wearables within this year’s Winter Olympics and Paralympics included:

Samsung SmartSuit: This smart clothing device was used by two Dutch short track skaters to improve their ideal skating position by feeding real-time body position data to the coach’s smartphone app. The suits…

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