Cellular Location-as-a-Service: A New Revenue Stream For Carriers?

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1Q 2018 | IN-5055


Carriers are Expanding LBS Portfolios into New Areas


Most mobile network operators (MNOs) are experiencing declining average revenue per user (ARPU) as increasing competition and regulation have resulted in lower prices for voice calls. This factor, along with limited subscriber growth potential in regions where mobile phone subscription penetration is high, has increasingly led MNOs to focus on value-added services for generating revenue. These services include location-based services (LBS) that have been part of many MNOs’ service portfolios to enable traditional handset applications like navigation.

Since these first services, the gradual advancement of cellular positioning technologies has brought about major improvements in accuracy, reliability, and the services that can be delivered. These advances, combined with a steadily rising number of IoT devices, have led to LBS being deployed for applications like asset tracking, public bicycle tracking, and UAVs.

Collaboration Occuring Throughout the Cellular Positioning Value Chain to Enable Precision Planning

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