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Outdoor/Wide Area Location Technologies


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This market data tracker provides forecasts of outdoor Location ICs shipments and revenues, either that be GNSS, cellular, or low-power area (LPWAN based). The tracker covers market opportunities across 20 key use cases targeting different industries including the traditional location-based services, retail, transportation and fleet management, professional services, network infrastructure, and industrial applications.

Particular granularity is provided for GNSS ICs broken down by constellation type (e.g. GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou, etc.) and frequency bands supported (e.g. L1/E1, L2, L5/E5). In addition to GNSS, the tracker provides forecasts for other technologies with location capabilities, including Sigfox, LoRa, LTE-M, and NB-IoT.

Table of Contents

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  1. Total GNSS Chipset Installed Base
  2. Global GNSS Receiver Constellation Capability Installed Base
  3. Supported Frequencies by GNSS Receivers Installed Base
  4. GNSS Installed Base by Segment
  5. GNSS Shipments by Segment
  6. LBS GNSS Installed Base by Device
  7. LBS GNSS Shipments by Device
  8. GNSS Professional Market Installed Base by Segment
  9. GNSS Professional Market Shipments by Segment
  10. GNSS Drones Installed Base
  11. GNSS Drones Shipments
  12. Total GNSS IC Revenues by Segment
  13. LBS GNSS IC Revenues by Device
  14. GNSS Professional Market IC Revenues by Segment
  15. GNSS Drones GNSS IC Revenues
  16. Total Sigfox Connections (All Use Cases)
  17. Location/Tracking Sigfox Connections by Vertical Market
  18. Location/Tracking Sigfox IC Shipments by Vertical Market
  19. Total Sigfox IC Revenues (All Use Cases)
  20. Location/ Tracking Sigfox LPWA IC Revenue by Vertical Market
  21. Location/Tracking Sigfox Connections Using GNSS Positioning
  22. Location/Tracking Sigfox Connections Using Network Positioning
  23. Total LoRa Connections (All Use Cases)
  24. Location/Tracking LoRa Connections by Vertical Market
  25. Location/Tracking LoRa LPWA IC Shipments by Vertical Market
  26. Total LoRa IC Revenues (All Use Cases)
  27. Location/Tracking LoRa LPWA IC Revenue by Vertical Market
  28. Location/Tracking LoRa Connections Using GNSS Positioning
  29. Location/Tracking LoRa Connections Using Network Positioning
  30. Total Cellular LPWA Connections (All Use Cases)
  31. Location/Tracking Cellular LPWA Connections Worldwide by Vertical
  32. Location/Tracking Cellular LPWA Connections Using GNSS Positioning
  33. Location/Tracking Cellular LPWA Connections Using Network Positioning
  34. Total NB-IoT Connections (All Use Cases)
  35. Location/Tracking NB-IoT Connections Worldwide by Vertical
  36. Location/Tracking NB-IoT Connections Using GNSS Positioning
  37. Location/Tracking NB-IoT Connections Using Network Positioning
  38. Total LTE Cat-M Connections (All Use Cases)
  39. Location/Tracking LTE Cat-M Connections Worldwide by Vertical
  40. Location/Tracking LTE Cat-M Connections Using GNSS Positioning
  41. Location/Tracking LTE Cat-M Connections Using Network Positioning

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