Safety Wearables Could Help to Save US Businesses US$200 Billion Annually on Insurance and Treatments from Workplace Injuries

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1Q 2018 | IN-5044


Safety Wearables Help to Ensure that Workers are Protected from Workplace Hazards


Wearable safety devices designed to protect workers from numerous work place hazards are becoming increasingly prevalent, offering companies the ability to monitor the safety of workers, prevent issues from occurring, receive alerts to potential hazards, and respond to issues immediately. Currently the roughly 8.5 million annual occupational injuries and illnesses cost employers in the United States alone around US$200 billion in insurance and treatments, with 27 million working days lost each year. The wearable safety devices are aiming to help reduce the number of injuries and illnesses, and therefore the costs to the employers.

There are a number of companies that offer businesses devices to help protect their workers from a number of hazards, either preventing an accident from occurring by warning the user of a potential issues, or by ensuring that assistance is sent to the user immediately, such as medical care. Some of the devices include Honeywell’s wearable Connected Plant Skills Personal Gas Safety sy…

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