Non-Cellular LPWA Here to Stay?

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1Q 2018 | IN-5038


Regional Network Deployments


Non-cellular LPWA connectivity technology proponents Sigfox and the LoRa Alliance have largely focused on propagating technology adoption through citywide and nationwide network deployments. This has been most successful through partnerships with existing network operators and through the emergence of a number of new network operators entering the IoT market.

  1. Non-cellular LPWA network penetration is highest in Europe, with Sigfox claiming nationwide coverage in 12 European countries, and network rollout in 7 more countries underway. Similarly, LoRaWAN claims nationwide network coverage in the Netherlands, Belgium with network rollouts in France, Germany, and Switzerland. LoRaWAN network operator EveryNet has deployed 30 citywide networks in Europe.
  2. The APAC region also witnessed substantial interest and subsequent network rollouts starting in East Asia and Australasian countries. SK Telecom was one of the first operators to deploy a nationwide LoRa network in South Korea and ENGIE deployed a nationwide Sigfox network In Singapore. This was further augmented …

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