The Future of VR: 2018 Outlook and Predictions

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By Michael Inouye | 1Q 2018 | IN-5021


CES Spotlight Shifts Away from VR and 360 Video


As a CES veteran who has attended the show most years since the first iPhone was the talk of the show back in 2007 (even though it was announced by Steve Jobs at Macworld in San Francisco), you come to view the event through a different lens. Many things are approached with a greater deal of pragmatism, and “new” tech is viewed simply as a glimpse of the greater progression of technology and the markets at large. Responses to the proverbial question “What’s hot and new at the show?” usually start with “Well, the theme of the show was…” (it was smart home this year). This brings us to VR.

VR made a splash at CES 2015, and it generated a heightened level of excitement among many within the tech industry (this analyst included). Over the course of the subsequent two CES events, VR captured a significant part of the CES spotlight, but it has seemingly lost some of its luster by 2018. No long lines to demo VR and the volume of exhibitors showcasing 360 cameras declined (at least visibly on the show floors)…

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