Robotics as a Service is the Key to Unlocking The Next Phase of Market Development

1Q 2018 | IN-5011
RaaS has the potential to significantly accelerate the rate of adoption of robotic solutions across a range of market verticals. RaaS has a number of advantages over a simple product-selling model. The capital burden is taken off customers, allowing them to enjoy better solutions for a competitive price. For producers, the income is initially less but is steady and predictable over time, allowing for more strategic planning and investment. As the solutions are often cloud-enabled, the burden of IT infrastructure is taken off customers as well. What is more, services companies will succeed or fail on their ability to deploy their solutions fast, reducing the time it takes to set up robotics across a range in market verticals. This in turn will accelerate adoption and quicken the pace of innovation across the robotics industry, as more sophisticated and expensive platforms get deployed at greater speed.

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