Cellular M2M Rate Plans: Next Up Is “Throttling”-as-a-Service

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1Q 2018 | IN-4856


Cellular M2M Rate Plans and New LTE-Based Technologies


Cellular operators are deploying M2M services with the latest LTE Cat-M and NB-IoT technologies with rate plans for IoT applications and M2M services that are following the traditional smartphone data plan approach. In many applications, the IoT mostly-sleepy-node model is expected to contribute relatively light data loads, on average. Average is a difficult concept in many IoT applications: while the anticipated traffic under normal conditions may be easy to estimate, the exceptional event or emergency attention messages will need both priority handling and reliable network access. M2M cellular data service is evolving to “bandwidth on demand,” and the critical question is, will capacity be available when needed?

Who Wins with a “Pay for Use” or “Pay to Reserve” Model?


Operating an IoT application over a cellular network requires a detailed analysis of the system requirements for data rates at each node. The use case and duty cycle for …

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