Is Vodafone's Strategy of Backing Narrowband Internet of Things against Long Term Evolution (4G), Category M1 Failing?

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4Q 2017 | IN-4844


Narrowband Internet of Things Network Rollouts


Vodafone in 2017 made some announcements launching narrowband Internet of things (NB-IoT) deployments across its global footprint, starting with Spain in the beginning of this year, with coverage in eight cities. In Q3 2017, Vodafone upgraded its existing 4G basestations to providenationwide coverage of NB-IoT networks in the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands. In Q4, Vodafone launched NB-IoT citywide networks in Australia and South Africa, with plans to ramp up quickly to provide nationwide coverage. Furthermore, Vodafone claims to be on track to launch NB-IoT in 10 markets by the end of 2018, with city coverage in most countries. 

Delays in Network Rollout


Vodafone operates its networks in 26 countries. In 2017 it deployed NB-IoT in Germany, Spain, Australia, the Netherlands, South Africa, with nationwide coverage in three countries (Ireland, Italy, and the Czech Republic). This slow pa…

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