Smart Cities India: 100 City Project

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Publish Date: 24 Jan 2018
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Smart Cities India: 100 City Project
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India has embarked on the journey of making their cities smarter. As such, a massive 100 smart cities project has been launched throughout India, for which US$1.09 billion has been allocated for future development. The idea behind this launch is to make India energy and resource efficient via the adoption of smart sensors and systems, with the aim to further promote India as a manufacturing hub. 

This report gives an overview of the Indian smart city landscape, featuring several key players, major initiatives and recommendations to various players in the value chain. ABI Research leverages insights from IoT and multiple end market teams in the formulation of this report, which also aggregates the findings from interviews with various stakeholders in India.The report also provides a shipment forecast showcasing the growth of smart cities related IoT modules.

The report shares helpful insights for any vendor or system integrator who is interested in getting involved in India. While India is still in the early stage of smart city deployment and has much to offer, it is important to notice the nationalist narrative behind all these initiatives. The report focuses on how India-based manufacturers and system integrators are making waves in smart city deployment and highlights key agendas that will influence future smart city projects. 

Table of Contents

  • Smart Cities Mission in India
  • First 20 Smart Cities
  • Key Roles of EESL in Smart CitiesĀ 
  • Key Trends at a Glance
  • Electric Mobility
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Building
  • Smart Meter
  • Renewable Energy
  • Smart Governance
  • Local Connectivity Platform Vendors
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • Conclusions

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