Data Analytics Enhances Enterprise Wearable Devices

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4Q 2017 | IN-4832


Wearable Data Analytics Provides Companies with Actionable Information


Data analytics provides companies with insight into the data that devices and sensors collect, rather than just providing a long stream of real-time raw data. This raw data is often overwhelming and does not provide a company with any actionable information. Data analytics adds value to this data by showing correlations between data points, making predictions on what will happen based on the current data, and prescribing actionable measures that allow the company to prevent, mitigate, or ensure an outcome. As the presence of wearables within the workplace continues to increase, so does the amount of data that they collect. Companies are now looking into how to get this actionable analyzed information from wearable devices, alongside the other devices and sensors that are in use. 

What Insight Analytics Brings to Enterprise Wearable Data


Different types of wearable devic…

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