China Will Pioneer 5G NG Core Deployments

by Dimitris Mavrakis | 4Q 2017 | IN-4825

Chinese telcos, and particularly China Mobile, have been incentivized by the Chinese government to look beyond simple connectivity and invest in features that will enable Industry 4.0. Chinese industries are currently in the first wave of digital transformation. It is a political and cultural norm to plan for the long term rather than focus on tactical industry issues. Robotics, industrial automation, digital twins, and many other digital transformations are being pioneered in China, the largest manufacturing market in the world. It is thus normal that China Mobile – the largest telco in China – is betting on the long-term prospects of 5G, which is Next-Generation Core and network slicing, and perceived to be anticipating the core network features of 5G, compared with the rest of the Western markets that are feverishly expecting 5G New Radio. China Mobile is also by far the largest telco in the world, and very likely to be among the first telcos to deploy advanced 5G features, including network slicing and vertical applications, which will require major vendor support and R&D efforts. Western telcos may be anticipating these developments and take advantage of Chinese telcos’ experiences indirectly, through the very same vendors.

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