Nokia and Intel Diminish Activity in VR and Cast a Shadow on Facebook’s Oculus Connect

by Michael Inouye | 4Q 2017 | IN-4782

As of late the news surrounding VR have certainly taken on a more ominous tone compared to the acclaim it received as a game-changing magical technology around and leading up to launch windows. Nokia, once a stalwart champion for the VR market with its OZO camera and VR platform announced its intention to effectively shut down its VR division (Nokia will still support existing customers) in favor of focusing on its healthcare and wearables presence (via its Withings acquisition). Prior to this announcement Intel rather quietly cancelled its standalone VR project, Alloy – choosing to focus its VR efforts on wireless communications (WiGig), content, and of course powering the PCs and servers needed to drive the market forward. Going back a bit further social VR company AltspaceVR nearly shutdown before being acquired by Microsoft.

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