Massive MIMO Trials Pick Up Pace

4Q 2017 | IN-4777

In September 2017, Huawei and Bharti Airtel in India announced a partnership to deploy massive MIMO technology in one of the main urban and business centers in India. Until the beginning of 2017, the majority of massive MIMO deployment news came from SoftBank in Japan and China Mobile in China. These early systems provided by Huawei and ZTE featured 128 antenna elements (the total number of transmit and receive antennas at the base station) deployed on commercial LTE networks. In Japan, Softbank has deployed massive MIMO systems in about 100 sites across 6 cities including Tokyo to increase the speeds of its existing services. Both operators have also stated that these technologies are pivotal to future 5G deployment. However, in the first six months of 2017 more than ten trials have been reported now; the Huawei and Bharti Airtel announcement being among the most recent.

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