The Commercial Evolution: Services, Software, Co-opetition, and Digitization

The Commercial Evolution – Services, Software, Co-opetition & Digitization: Identify impactful commercial transportation technology trends altering the industry landscape over the next five years. 

Focus topics include: Freight as a Service/Digital Freight Brokerage/”Uberization”: Overview of recent news and opportunities for revenue sharing and new partnerships, Prognostics: Examine examples across commercial vehicle OEM’s, Tier 1/module providers, FSM’s and software specialists. Who will partner and who will compete? Who gets the lion’s share of revenue? Blockchain: Create digital vehicle identities, connecting and sharing data (vehicle data, location, FaaS…). How will purchases such as parking and fuel via blockchain develop? Digital Suites & Marketplaces: Mobile app suites and marketplaces are beginning to grow. Will there be a “Salesforce” of the commercial vehicle?

Table of Contents: 

  • Freight as a Service
  • Prognostics and Preventative Maintenance
  • Blockchain Basics
  • Transportation Trying Blockchain
  • Blockchain Builders
  • Digital Suites and Marketplaces
  • Conclusions 

The Commercial Evolution: Services, Software, Co-opetition, and Digitization Image Purchase

Research Information

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Publish Date
4Q 2017
Research Type
Application Analysis Report