Smart Health Annual Update 4Q 2017 Image

Smart Health Annual Update 4Q 2017


Over the past 12 months the Smart Health proposition has continued to gather momentum as embedded medical device connectivity has continued to make inroads into transforming the availability and efficiency of healthcare services. The key drivers pushing adoption remain: the ability to monitor machines and patients without regard to their location and the ability to present patient data to service providers also regardless of location, but so do many of the hurdles preventing widespread adoption. Uptake remains stymied just as concern over the cost and provision of healthcare continues to reverberate around the world. Increasingly the potential of silos of connectivity are resurfacing, most notably in the potential for beacon to drive asset tracking and cost management into professional healthcare services.

This presentation examines the current state of the Smart Healthcare market delivering market forecasts, highlights and development as well as setting out the major technology and implementation trends that will shape the adoption of Smart health devices and systems over the next 2 years. It also includes end user survey data and list key offensive and defensive strategies for smart health investors and proponents.

Table of Contents: 

  • Smart Health Coverage Expansion
  • Noteworthy News and Impact
  • Key mHealth Vendor Activity
  • Opportunities
  • Disruptive Threats
  • Guidance¬†

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