Starting This Week, Amazon Forces Pre-Authorized Returns on Sellers

4Q 2017 | IN-4773

Amazon recently notified sellers on their platform about a new refund policy. If you are a not an Amazon fulfilled merchant, you will have to follow similar policies for those sellers that utilize Amazon fulfillment services, i.e., products that are shipped out of Amazon warehouses. Buyers no longer will have to notify sellers before sending products back. Prepaid return shipping labels will be printed and applied to the shipped product. There will also be a return-less refund policy which lets customers to get a refund without sending the product back. Some sellers like this since it reduces shipping and inventory costs for sending the products back to them. This is great news for consumers as it makes returning products even easier and faster, but at the expense of the seller. Amazon’s objective is to unify their return policy across all products sold on their site. This unifies the experience for all their shoppers which equates to higher repeat visits and satisfaction. This policy became active the week of October 2nd.

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