Next-Generation Powered Payment Cards, Part 1

by Phil Sealy | 4Q 2017 | IN-4761

Next-generation powered payment cards have been in the market periphery for a number of years, largely remaining in a dormant phase as vendors continued to research, develop, and ultimately define and understand the potential customer base for some of the powered card form factors, including dynamic code verification (DCV) and biometric sensor cards. Today, there are a number of next-generation powered payment card pilots in place, marking the beginning of the exploratory and testing phase by issuers. The most prominent trial for the biometric sensor card is currently taking place in South Africa, led by MasterCard, issued by Absa Bank for use at Pick n Pay, a large South African retailer. This insight looks specifically into the biometric sensor cards market, outlining some of the market challenges arguably standing in its way, while also providing ABI Research’s issuance expectations.

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