Microsoft plans to deploy rural broadband using TV White Space

by Khin Sandi Lynn | 3Q 2017 | IN-4704

In July 2017, Microsoft proposed its plan to use TV White Space Spectrum to deliver broadband access to rural areas in the United States. According to FCC, 34 million Americans lack high speed internet (25 Mbps/3Mbps) connectivity and 70% of them live in rural areas. Microsoft will not be running a broadband service business, but it plans to partner with telecommunication companies for broadband network deployment and revenue sharing. The company is aiming to connect 2 million people in rural areas by 2022 with its own investment and help its partners to ultimately connect more than 20 million people in rural America. Microsoft, with its partners, plans to start 12 projects in 12 states within the next 12 months.

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