Consumer and Enterprise Hearables Update Image

Consumer and Enterprise Hearables Update


The enterprise and consumer hearables markets are both experiencing growth, with devices offering functionalities such as ambient noise control, hands-free calls, wireless music players, and activity tracking. These devices are being adopted by consumers, who are looking for accessing to calls, music, and more without being tethered by a wire to a smartphone, and enterprise, who are looking to access calls and information hands-free, again, without being tethered to a smartphone. Hearables are used in a number of industries, particularly for use in offices, call centers, transportation, and shops, and by field service workers, military personnel, first responders, and security guards.

This report provides an overview of hearable devices and what is new in the market. Included in the report are numerous forecasts, an overview of how hearables work, the main consumer and enterprise use cases, and advantages and challenges with the devices. The report then focuses on new developments within the market, including new devices, updates to software, updates to hardware components, and other news.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Overall Hearable Shipment Numbers
  • Overall Hearable Revenue Numbers
  • Overall Enterprise Hearable Shipment Numbers
  • How Hearables Work
  • Bone Conduction Hearables
  • Hearable Use Cases
  • The Main Enterprise Hearable Users
  • Advantages to Hearables
  • Challenges with Hearables
  • What’s New?
  • Device Updates and Releases
  • Software and Hardware Component Updates and Other News
  • Other Important Vendors
  • Related Research