Oculus Drops the Price of Rift – Trouble or Simply a Response to Changing Landscape?

by Michael Inouye | 3Q 2017 | IN-4676

In the first half of 2016 Oculus released the Rift HMD for US$599 not including the Touch controllers, which hit the market later in the year carrying a US$199 price tag. The original total package price was US$100 less than HTC VIVE’s US$799, but higher than Sony PlayStation VR’s US$499 (US$399 plus US$100 for a bundle including the camera and Move controllers). While HTC has had some discounts (US$50 discount) on its VIVE HMD the price remains largely unchanged – it’s a similar story for Sony’s PSVR bundle. So why, just a few months beyond its one-year launch anniversary has Oculus cut the price of their HMD more than once bringing their current bundle to US$399 - US$499 (US$399 price is for a limited time only) and undercutting the other major tethered VR players?

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