Display Technologies in Virtual Reality

As the VR HMD market accelerates globally, device makers are trying to improve VR display technologies. In Display Technologies in Virtual Reality, VR HMD type of displays, resolution, refresh rates, and field of view are discussed. Developments in VR display technologies such as Foveated Rendering, Light Field Display, and forecast for VR HMD shipment by resolution is also included in this research.

Table of Contents:

  • VR Display Specifications
  • VR HMDs
  • VR Technology Resolution Development
  • VR HMD Shipment Forecast by Resolution
  • Tethered VR HMD Shipment Forecast by Resolution
  • Standalone VR HMD Shipment Forecast by Resolution
  • Mobile VR HMD Shipment Forecast by Resolution
  • VR HMD Shipment Forecast
  • VR Display Challenges
  • VR HMD Display Types
  • OLED Microdisplays
  • Resolution, FOV, and Refresh Rate
  • 4K VR Displays
  • Future VR Display Resolution
  • VR HMD Display Specifications
  • Foveated Rendering and Eye Tracking
  • Pass-Through Cameras and Mixed Reality
  • Light Field Display
  • Nvidia and Stanford University Light Field Display
  • Avegant Light Field Display Prototype
  • Magic Leap Light Field Chip


Research Information

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Publish Date
3Q 2017
Research Type
Technology Analysis Report