5G Will Truly Revolutionize Industry 4.0

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3Q 2017 | IN-4659


Bosch Started to Experiment with 5G Robotics


Bosch and network equipment companies such as Nokia developed 5G-based communications for collaborative robotics that empowers both workers to control the robots, as well as robot-to-robot communications. 5G networks will have latencies as low as 1 ms and multi Gbps speeds in friendly environments, while reaching 100+ Mbps speeds even in harsh factory environments. This means that workers with wireless controllers will have the ability to stop and re-direct robots instantly. Beyond that, wireless industry cameras and machine vision running over 5G give robots the gift of “sight” to “see” when something has gone wrong and “talk” to each other to adapt and fix problems.

Improved Safety and Efficiency


The ability to stop and re-direct robots in real time means shop-floor workers can prevent accidents. Accidents cause unnecessary downtime and sometimes serious injuries, both of which can cost manufacturers thousands of dollars per minute in terms of p…

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