Remote Control in Construction Made Possible by 5G

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By Lian Jye Su | 3Q 2017 | IN-4657


Remote Control in Construction


In May 2017, NEC announced a trial of remote construction technologies. The trial was conducted with KDDI, Japan’s second-largest telco, and Obayashi, one of the top five construction companies. In this trial, construction machinery equipped with a 4K camera was remote controlled to perform construction processes.

Both the 4K video stream and the remote-control system are based on 5G wireless infrastructure. A 28 GHz spectrum band and beamforming technology are used to transmit large data throughput, while edge computing enables low latency and localized processing.

NEC's Hardware and Software Play in Edge Computing


This development casts new light on 5G use cases. New spectrum bands will be introduced under 5G, and almost all of them are capable of carrying a much higher capacity as compared to the current commercial bands in LTE. New RAN architecture, through cloud RAN and mobile edge computing, ensures localized processing, self-sustaining operation, and context awareness. In theā€¦

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