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Industrial Internet Connectivity Tracker


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The second iteration of the Industrial Internet Connectivity Tracker (IICT) provides highly segmented data and forecasts through 2026 to support new IIoT business models and go-to-market plans for transformative technologies and to support our analysts’ strategic guidance. Data for the Industrial Internet Connectivity Tracker includes an end-to-end view of the connections and revenues generated by suppliers in the IIoT value chain. Value chain revenues are provided for 11 major connection technology segments (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 802.15.4, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LPWA-LTE, LPWA-Proprietary, satellite, and fixed line connections) and 3 major applications (Industrial Smart Glasses, Robotics & PLCs and Other Equipment monitoring).

Wired technologies dominate IIoT connections in manufacturing environments. Unfortunately, despite their security and stability, wires and cables present problems for mobile assets and do not empower the same dynamic IIoT applications as wireless technologies. Wireless technologies face issues, but manufacturers have already started to adopt LPWA and Bluetooth. As they deploy many more Industrial Smart Glasses in the coming years, they will need more flexible, high bandwidth, reliable and low latency technologies. Smart glasses will provide real value in manufacturing, reducing training time on the assembly line, allowing for more custom orders and improving quality control, repair and maintenance with vision machine learning. Clients can see the growth of wireless technologies and smart glasses for manufacturing in the IICT while wired technologies maintain their importance in this sector.

Forecast Contents

  • Data Cube (Flat File). Data Cube contains 23,000+ rows of data.
  • Pivot table
  • 3 Dashboards: By Application, By Country and By Technology

Forecast Categories

  • IIoT Connections, (MM) 2012-2026
  • IIoT Connection Revenue, ($MM) 2012-2026
  • Device and Application Platform Services Revenue, ($MM) 2012-2026
  • Network Services Revenue, ($MM) 2012-2026

Segmentation by Application

  • Industrial Smart Glasses
  • Other Equipment Monitoring
  • Robotics & PLCs

Segmentation by Connectivity Technology

  • 2G
  • 3G
  • 4G
  • 5G
  • 802.15.4
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • LPWA-Proprietary
  • Fixed Line
  • Satellite