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Commercial robot shipments are seeing very strong growth. This research includes forecasts for commercial robots from 2016 to 2027 by indoor/outdoor robots, by mobility (stationary, AGV, and AMR), by shape (humanoid, upright mobile platform, short mobile platform, unmanned underwater system and specialized system), by application (social, transport, security, delivery, data collection, maintenance, and task), and by vertical market (retail, restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, agriculture and farming, warehouse, manufacturing and others).

Industrial robotics market data includes shipment and revenue forecasts by key markets such as Canada, China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. Shipments, ASP, and revenue are forecasted by type for articulated, SCARA, parallel/delta, linear, Cartesian, and other industrial robots. Shipments and revenue are forecasted by vertical, as well as automotive, machinery, electronics, food and beverages, chemical products and others. Vendor revenue market share for the top vendors is also included. Similar segmentation is applied to collaborative robot shipments and revenue. Finally, shipments of commercial, industrial, and collaborative robots are compared.

This market data also features all major industrial and collaborative robot vendors, such as Fanuc, Yaskawa, ABB, KUKA, Kawasaki, Comau, Shanghai Step Electric, Staubli, and Universal Robots. A list of major commercial robotics suppliers are also featured in the market data, mapped according to their respective verticals. This includes Amazon Robotics and Fetch Robotics in warehousing, Seegrid and MIR in manufacturing, Brain Corp and Bluebotics in retail.

Table of Contents

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  1. Total Commercial and Industrial Robot Shipments
  2. Total Commercial and Industrial Robot Revenue
  3. Total Industrial Robot Shipments
  4. Industrial Robot ASPs
  5. Total Industrial Robot Revenue
  6. Industrial Robot Shipments by Region
  7. Industrial Robot Revenue by Region
  8. Industrial Robot Shipments by Type
  9. Industrial Robot ASPs by Type
  10. Industrial Robot Revenue by Type
  11. Industrial Robot Shipments by Vertical Market
  12. Industrial Robot Revenue by Vertical Market
  13. Industrial Robot Processor Shipments
  14. Industrial Robot End Effector Shipments
  15. Industrial Robot Sensor Shipments
  16. Industrial Robot Connectivity Shipments
  17. Industrial Robot Wi-Fi Protocol Robot Shipments
  18. Industrial Robot Bluetooth Robot Shipments
  19. Industrial Robot Cellular Connectivity Robot Shipments
  20. Industrial Robot Revenue Share by Vendor
  21. Collaborative Robot Product Shipments
  22. Collaborative Robot ASPs
  23. Collaborative Robot Product Revenue
  24. Collaborative Robot Product Shipments by Region
  25. Collaborative Robot Product Revenue by Region
  26. Collaborative Robot Product Shipments by Vertical Market
  27. Collaborative Robot Product Revenue by Vertical Market
  28. Collaborative Robot Processor Shipments
  29. Collaborative Robot End Effector Shipments
  30. Collaborative Robot Sensor Shipments
  31. Collaborative Robot Connectivity Shipments
  32. Collaborative Robot Wi-Fi Protocol Shipments
  33. Collaborative Robot Bluetooth Shipments
  34. Collaborative Robot Cellular Connectivity Shipments
  35. Collaborative Robot Vendor Revenue Share
  36. Total Commercial Robot Shipments
  37. Commercial Robot ASPs
  38. Total Commercial Robot Revenue
  39. "Commercial Robot Shipments, Indoor versus Outdoor"
  40. "Commercial Robot ASPs, Indoor versus Outdoor"
  41. "Commercial Robot Revenue, Indoor versus Outdoor"
  42. Commercial Robot Shipments by Mobility
  43. Commercial Robot ASPs by Mobility
  44. Commercial Robot Revenue by Mobility
  45. Commercial Robot Shipments by Form Factor
  46. Commercial Robot ASPs by Form Factor
  47. Commercial Robot Revenue by Form Factor
  48. Commercial Robot Shipments by Application
  49. Commercial Robot ASPs by Application
  50. Commercial Robot Revenue by Application
  51. Commercial Robot Shipments by Vertical Market
  52. Commercial Robot ASPs by Vertical Market
  53. Commercial Robot Revenue by Vertical Market
  54. Commercial Robot Processor Shipments
  55. Commercial Robot End Effector Shipments
  56. Commercial Robot Sensor Shipments
  57. Commercial Robot Connectivity Shipments
  58. Commercial Robot Wi-Fi Protocol Shipments
  59. Commercial Robot Bluetooth Shipments
  60. Commercial Robot Cellular Connectivity Shipments