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Smart City Ranking


With smart cities projects and initiatives emerging globally, the need for assessing, comparing, and ranking cities become more important in terms of providing benchmarks for best practices and most successful approaches. In turn, this can provide guidance for cities to adjust and/or optimize their strategies and deployment approaches. 

This competitive assessment ranks 10 megacities spread across developed regions: New York (United States), Los Angeles (United States), Paris (France), London (United Kingdom), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Beijing (China), Shanghai (China), Singapore (Singapore), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (South Korea) based on ABI Research's proven innovation/implementation criteria framework. Each city is analyzed according to their innovation programs and strategies and implementation achievement measures through verifiable metrics for congestion, air quality, GDP, crime rates, and cost of living. In terms of innovation, cities are assessed to what extent they embrace out-of-the-box thinking and plan to deploy disruptive technologies which will allow to fundamentally address the issues and challenges of megacities of the future across areas like mobility, transportation, energy, education, healthcare, and public services.