How China Coerces Obedience the Big Data Way—Machine Learning with an Orwellian Twist (Part One)

by Dimitrios Pavlakis | 2Q 2017 | IN-4599

Since mid-2015 (although the project was active since 2003), China has been flirting with the idea of extending its mass surveillance reach in order to coerce governmentally, economically, and societally-approved behaviors from its own citizens. The Chinese government is currently investing in a series of state-funded social experiments that will harvest literally every piece of digital information from its own citizens. It will then analyze it and proceed to categorize, label, and stratify citizens accordingly. It has been labeled as the “Chinese Social Credit” system by western media and is expected to be fully revealed to the public by 2020. So, what would this new credit system actually entail? Moreover, what would be the difference from the already-existing massive covert surveillance projects funded by the NSA in the U.S. and the GCHQ in the U.K.?

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