Webinar: Cybersecurity Gets an Upgrade - Machine Learning, Automation, and the Potential for Artificial Intelligence

With each passing quarter, cyberattacks are becoming increasingly more frequent and potent and are causing organizations to adapt out of necessity to these emerging threats. Luckily, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation applications are also advancing rapidly and have finally found their way to cybersecurity. This presentation will explore the benefits offered by these applications, as well as any vital prerequisites and barriers for adoption. It will mention the key current technologies (like deep learning, user and entity behavioral analytics, and cognitive computing), provide insights regarding algorithm training approaches, and describe the current and future state of the market. It will address questions like how is ML applied in cybersecurity? How can companies derive value from it? What data sources should be used for algorithm training? And, how is automation used in cybersecurity?

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Publish Date
2Q 2017
Research Type
Application Analysis Report