Industry Survey: Transformative Technology Adoption and Attitudes - Summary Image

In March and April 2017, ABI Research surveyed 455 U.S.-based key decision makers and influencers from nine different industry verticals about their attitude and adoption of key transformative technologies. The industries surveyed included Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, Transportation, Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods, Logistics, Utilities, and Government. This report provides an overview of the general questions asked of all respondents relating to the adoption of and familiarity with several transformative technologies such as IoT, 5G, Robotics, AI, VR, and AR, among others.

Table of Contents:

  • Methodology and Background
  • Classification of Respondents: Size of Business
  • Classification of Respondents: Industry Sector
  • Classification of Respondents: Role & Influence
  • Willingness to Embrace Innovative Technologies
  • Technological Familiarity
  • Barriers to Adopting Innovative Technologies
  • Benefits of Implementing Innovative Technologies
  • Technology Outsourcing versus Internal Investment
  • Future of the Cloud
  • Operational Data Management
  • Summary and Conclusions